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About Me

Having the Life that I Want to Have…

I started to write this blog to have something like a diary about my life.
There are several things in my life that I want to share and remember, and I think that having a blog is a good way to achieve it.


Reasons to write this blog

As many other people, I’m in the process of learning. I learned a few things during my life and I’m always learning through formal (classes) and primarily informally education (videos, podcasts, blogs, etc).
The main reason of this blog is to share my knowledge, beliefs and questions to all the people that want to read about my thoughts.


My life

I have a 4 years relationship with my girlfriend Mrs. Elbow, and a 9 years old stepdaughter Miss Elbow. I live a happy life, you know, no luxuries but happy.
I used to live in a rural area and in the last 4 years I’ve been living in a more urban area.


My body

I am a guy that born in June 1987. So at the moment that I started writing this blog I was 28 years old.
I am 190cm (6.2 feet) tall and my weight is 80kg (176 pounds). My body fat percentage is 16.5%. This means that I am not athletic, but I have an average healthy body.


My job

I am a computer scientist, working in a full-time job in a medium-sized company.
Sometimes I do other profitable things that represent around 1% of my yearly income.


My economy

I made $37.000 per year at the moment I wrote this post. I have a $10.000 debt with a high-interest rate (more or less 17%). I pay $700 in rent every month.


My hobbies

I like to watch football (soccer), I am a big Real Madrid fan. The other hobbies that I have are play FIFA, ping-pong, travel, hiking and write in my blog.