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Best App to Track My Expenses – Money Lover

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05 Ago Best App to Track My Expenses – Money Lover

A thing that I discovered in the last few months is that having power over my stuff make me feel good. If I want to feel confident about my weight, I buy a scale. If I want to be confident about how much I walk, I download Google Fit. Is the same thing with my expenses, if I want to feel confident about my expenses, I download an app to track them, and the best app is called MoneyLover.


Why Did I Start to Track My Expenses?

I used to be like the people that in the last day of the month checks their accounts and credit card balance and doesn’t know why they don’t have money and the debt is even bigger. So I decided to start tracking my expenses to know if something wrong was happening in my accounts. And I found the reason, I was spending more money than what I thought.


How Did I Find the Right Tool to Track My Expenses

Finding the best tool to track my expenses was not an easy task. I downloaded all the expense applications with more than 10.000 users and an average score review higher than 4.0 stars en the Google Play Store.

I was looking for at least 3 things in the application:
1. Additionally to the application, the company has a website to add the expenses when I am using the computer.
2. Ability to create backups.
3. Nice category graphs to analyze the expenses.

I was impressed when I realize that there are not many applications with this 3 features in the Google Play Store. But I finally found a small set of applications having these things.


How I Ended Up Choosing Money Lover

Choosing Money Lover from the small set of applications was easy. I just add my expenses in the applications and I choose the one that I preferred.

Money Lover has a great modern interface. It has a bunch of tools that make your things easier in a nice interface.

Here are some of its most important features:

  • Have a detailed report of expenses, incomes, and savings
  • Cloud synchronization with different devices
  • Ability to add budgets and get notifications based on your budget limits
  • A travel mode to track your travel expenses
  • Ability to backup and restore your data
  • Support to many languages
  • Many currencies supported


If you are interested in downloading the application, and you have an Android phone, you can download it here. If you have iOS you can download it here.


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