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Embracing the Miracle of Self-Discipline

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21 Jul Embracing the Miracle of Self-Discipline

I had the opportunity to listen ‘The Miracle of Self-Discipline’ like a month ago. I got the audio for free, but if you want to pay for the audio you can get it here.

In that audio, Brian Tracy presents some suggestions that make a lot of sense. There are a few suggestions about working additional hours or things like that, that do not match with the way how I think about life.

After hearing his audio, I changed two things in my daily routine, I began to write a set of goals for this year, and I started to wake up early in the morning.


Writing a set of goals

Brian Tracy suggests writing a minimum of 10 non-long-term goals, and write these goals every day in a notebook.

For me, this suggestions make a lot of sense. Writing your goals every day connects these goals with your life. For example, if you write the goals in the morning and you have a travel in your goals, if during the day you get the temptation of buying a new phone, will be easier to avoid this additional expense if you think about the money that you need to do the travel.

I try to write these goals every day, but sometimes I forget about it (I think that I can be more disciplined). But definitely I feel that doing this, I will be closer to my goals.


Waking up early

One of the most important things that he suggest to be successful in life is to wake up earlier in the morning to do the things that you don’t like to do, like exercise.

I used to try to exercise after work, but changes in the day, the weather, being tired and things like that, killed my routine. I decided then to wake up earlier, but it was too hard to do it until I get Alarmy.


Other Rules of Self-Discipline

Additionally to the rules that changed my daily routine, there are some other rules in his audio that I think that are important to mention here.


The Discipline of Clear Thinking

Brian Tracy thinks that this is the most important rule. Having a time off to take your time to think is one of the most important disciplines based on what Brian says.
If you have an important decision to make, go to walk, or stay quiet in your room, just thinking. He says that this is going to help everyone to make better choices. I definitely need to add this to my routine!


The Discipline of Daily Time Management

One discipline that I heard in different blogs and podcasts is the daily time management. Doing a list with priorities.

I currently do something similar in my job. I use Microsoft OneNote with a to-do list. The to-do list has different colors, each project has a different color and I use two colors, red and green. Red for priority tasks and green for finished or non-priority tasks.

What Brian suggest in his audio is a list with the ABCDE method to set priorities:
A: Must do
B: Should do
C: Nice to do
D: Delegate
E: Eliminate


The Discipline of Courage

Probably having courage is one of the suggestions that you can commonly hear everywhere. But what about thinking of courage as a discipline. Think about overcome fears as a discipline. Are you afraid of talking in front of people? Add talking in front of people as something that you need to do often, you can even add this in your goals list.


The Discipline of Excellent Health Patterns

This is something I don’t master but that I try to do since 4 years ago. Eating well, do exercise, positive thinking, sleep more than 7 hours per day… You know, all the stuff that the people know but don’t do.


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