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How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness – SoG

17 Jul How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness – SoG

The world where we live is complex, any field that you are into is much more complex what it used to be. You are or will be overwhelmed by the information that you need to know, the information is never enough. To achieve greatness you need to be a master.


The Myth About Successful People

There is a myth of successful people being lucky or having a big brain. Some people think that to be like Steve Jobs or 50 Cent you need to be genetically advanced, or that their greatness comes from inheritance. But is not, the greatness can be achieved in a process that people go through.
Some people think that there are people like Albert Einstein that had his incredible ideas in no time, but the reality is different, he went through a rigorous apprenticeship during 10 years.


The Process of Mastering

To be a master on anything you need to follow a process that is a set of chronological steps that gives great clarity to your life and career.
This process consists in practicing skills to become an expert. A master requires 10.000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in anything.

The key of the 21st-century people is to learn several skills, a minimum of 6 or 7. You can take advantage of the information age. You need these skills in this competitive world.


What Do You Need to Start the Process?

You possess all the tools that you need. It doesn’t matter if you are poor, if you didn’t go to a good school or how old are you. Can be started at any age.
To start the process, you need two things: you need to know what you want to do, and you need patience.
If you want to be famous on sports, or if you want to be a rock star, you cannot expect to have fame and money now, you need to have patience. Is necessary a lot of effort and time to achieve that.




What Kind of Skills Should I Learn?

You need to find something in your powerhouse, something that appeals to you.


How Do I Know What I Want?

If you still don’t know what your desire is, the solution is easy. Your desire is in you. When you were a child you were interested in certain stuff, for some people can be books and history, for some other arts and exercise. You probably don’t know exactly who you want to be or what to do, but there are some things where you feel good when you do it, or things that you did well.


How Did I Take Distance from my Desires?

During your life, you sometimes take distance from what you really want to do. Some situations change your path, like your parents telling you what to study, having friends telling you what is cool or not cool or the need of making money. After all these things, you lose your touch with the feeling of knowing who you are. Everybody does lose the touch.
You can learn 10 years of something, but if you don’t like that the things that you are doing, things will not stick into your brain.
You can reconnect with that. Is not like if you are going to say that you are going to quit your job and start playing the guitar. Is not like everything in your life should be fun. Is more like connecting the things that you love to do with your career path, at this point you will come out with the best of you.



A Mentor to Accelerate your Mastery

You got to find a mentor to accelerate your training. There are no shortcuts in life, but there are ways to accelerate your mastery, and this is one.
You need to find the right one, someone that is a good fit. Don’t choose your mentor just because is sexy, have a big name, is popular or charming. Choose a mentor with the same interests. Someone that is character wise. Someone that you can say that in 20 years you want to be like that person.
When you find your mentor what happens is that his experience become your experience. They will show you things that you need to do and the paths to avoid in life. They provide incredible feedback in real time. They will tell you what skills you need to improve.
A tough mentor is better, this kind of mentor will be able to criticise you in a better way. The mentor is going to accelerate your mastery but not shortening.
The mentors are usually looking for mentees, they like this kind of relationship with other people. So you don’t need to be afraid of asking.
Your goal is to be greater than your mentor, is not necessary be always the disciple.
If you can’t find mentors, you can find pseudo-mentors. Can be anyone that you admire like writers, politicians or business people.


Social Intelligence

You can go to Harvard, be the most brilliant people, but if you cannot deal with people, you are in a lot of troubles.
Social intelligence is a key part of mastery. There are two skills that are important in the social intelligence side of your life:
1. Learn how to read people: pay close attention to the signals of the other people, be intuitive will help you to achieve mastery. Being a master on reading people will give you great things in life.
2. Knowing about human nature: not being naive, understanding the role of envy, passive-aggression and laziness is important in your mastery process.


The Importance of your Work and Learning

You can let your work speak for you. For example, if you write about the people that read your books, this will say that you are socially aware. If you are sloppy, the people will be conscient of the quality of your work.

Some people become prisoner of what they learn. The people that are masters rewrite the rules of what they learn, they can create something new, less conventional. Is more important being persistent, tough and love what you are doing than any degree from any school.



This article is about my learning of hearing the first episode of the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (podcast).
This first episode is an interview to Robert Greene called How to Master Anything and Achieve Greatness.

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