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My First Daily Routine

daily routine

10 Jul My First Daily Routine

I think that a good way to start a blog about your life is by describing your daily routine.

I am a morning person, so my routine start quite early in the day. I think that most people don’t like waking up early in the morning, but that is not my case.

I used to start my day at 5:15 AM to wake up my daughter up for school. But I always had the idea of having some additional time in the morning to do some workout before waking up my daughter.

I tried several times to wake up early, but I wasn’t able to do it until a combination of two things happened:

1. Heard ‘The Miracle of Self-Discipline’ by Brian Tracy

2. I found an application called ‘Alarmy’ to wake up early in the morning, even when I am tired.


The First Thing I do in the Morning. 4:32 AM

The first thing that I do in the morning is turn off the alarm. I use an application called Alarmy as my regular alarm.
Turn off the alarm with is kind of difficult, that is why I can wake up early in the morning.
My goal was to wake up at 4:00 AM. But I think that I’ll keep the alarm around 4:30 AM for an extended period of time.


Walk the Dog and Exercise. 4:35 AM

After wearing a sweater, I walk my dog. My goal is to do a 30 minutes walk, but right now is a 10 minutes walk in the neighborhood.
My exercise ‘routine’ is quite short. I am currently using an application called Nike+ Training Club.
In that application I usually do a 7 minutes ‘Core Strength Workout’ and sometimes, when I have enough time, I do a 5 minutes Total Body Warmup (usually this is the first I make when I do it) and a 5 minutes Total Body Cool Down.
I don’t have any exercise equipment yet, so I try to use the exercises that do not require equipment.
Additionally to that routine I do 25 abdominal crunches before taking a shower.


Preparation to Work. 5:15 AM

After taking a shower, I go to wake up my daughter. After waking up my daughter I try to write my 10 goals every day, but sometimes I forget this.

I eat my breakfast, say goodbye to my daughter and girlfriend and then I leave to work. My way to work usually starts between 5:50 AM and 6:30 AM. Is a 9 km (5.5 miles) drive that take me between 20-60 minutes (depends on the traffic). I usually hear podcast during commute.


In the Office. 6:30 AM

I usually arrive at the office between 6:20 and 7:00 AM. I am usually the second or third person to arrive at the office.
I start the morning working and around 9:00 AM I eat a snack, usually an oatmeal, fruits or cookies.
At 11:40 AM I go out to buy some food. I eat. After that, I play ping-pong or FIFA.
Between 3:40 and 4:30 PM I go back to my home.


The Last Hours of the Day. 4:30 PM

I try to arrive early to my home to work in my personal project, spend time with the family, watch Netflix or do anything else. This time is an open period to do whatever is needed to do.
The starts around 7:00 PM. My daughter goes to bed at 8:00 PM and I spend between 1 or 2 hours with my girlfriend before sleep (yes at 9:30 PM!).

Just before sleep I write my day expenses (if I haven’t already) in an application called MoneyLover and I check the successful habits that I made during the day with another application called HabitBull.


This is my primarily daily routine. This routine changes based on life events or things that happen at work.

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