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The Most Effective Way to Wake Up – Alarmy


20 Jul The Most Effective Way to Wake Up – Alarmy

I always had this idea of waking up early to walk my dog and exercise, but I was never capable to do it. I tried several times, but my willpower early in the morning is not as good as during the rest of the day. But I finally found the way to do it!


Why is so Hard to Wake Up

If you are like most of the people, you probably know that waking up early is a difficult task. I read a Popular Science article that explains the phase delay. They say that people who have trouble crawling out of bed probably have their clock set to late sleep and wake-up times.


How I Found a Solution

After listening Brian Tracy’s ‘The Miracle of Self-Discipline,’ I finally decided to wake up early. But how to do it if I tried before and didn’t work?

I decided to perform a research in Google to find effective ways to do it. I found some ways that I think does not work, but I found two applications that interested me: AlarmMon and Alarmy.

I haven’t tried AlarmMon yet. I think that for me is more effective having an alarm to force you to move out of bed. If someone tried both applications, please let me know which one is more effective to you.


Why Alarmy is the Most Effective Way to Wake Up

As I result of my research I found Alarmy. An application available in the App Store and in Google Play Store.
This alarm does not stop ringing until you are physically out of bed taking a photo.

This is how it works: you take a photo with the application to something in your house. The next day, when the alarm goes on, you will need to take a photo similar to the photo that you have in the application to turn the alarm off.

You can watch how it works in this video:


The guy in the video does the same I do. I have to take a photo to my sink to stop the alarm.

By the way, I use a song called “Mi Primer Día” (“My First Day” in Spanish) as the alarm sound. The song has a lot of energy and positive lyrics, I think that is a good way to start the day!


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